· 2010 ·

Smoking Souls was born in 2010 in Pego, representatives of a generation of youngsters who have explored the most hidden territories of music since childhood. Young people raised in times of uncertainty but who have learned how to fight it with the music. They have learned to do it from the landscapes of their Marina Alta. The land in which most of the music scene of País Valencià has grown.

· 2013 ·

Until then they do not record their first album L'espenta [self-edited]; A hopeful and positive call against a context of mistrust, instability and injustice. Thus, L'espenta builds the strength and the unity as the tools to trace an exciting future and to walk steadily on an asphyxiating and uncertain present.

· 2015 ·

In this year they publish their second album from the studio, this time with the production of Mark Dasousa, called Nòmades [Propaganda pel Fet!]. With this album the group starts being part of many posters of valencian music and opens the first doors to Catalunya.

After recording the song for the Festivern 15/16 Nit Salvatge with luxury collaborations like Boikot, Los Chicos del Maíz and Els Catarres, the group begins one of the wildest tours to date with more than sixty concerts in less than one year and consolidating with great acceptance in the scene of the Països Catalans.

· Photographer: Koratge ·

· 2017 ·

Now with Cendra i Or [Propaganda pel Fet!] presents his latest studio work again with producer Mark Dasousa. Eleven songs where the group demonstrates what already came offering with a sound of walls of guitars accompanied by a forceful rhythm wrapped in a warm voice, nevertheless looking for new horizons towards fresher sonorities and new rhythms and experimentations.

· Photographer of the photo shoot: XEPO WS ·

“Ash is the trail of fire, it is the misery that leaves the dead land, the closest step to death. From this ash is reborn the mythological figure of the Phoenix which awakens gold from the ashes being eternal and immortal as the ideas. Cendra i Or is the permanent state towards change to face the obstacles and impediments that raise us day by day, a song to catch air and to leave the pit of misery.”